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The Latest Addition to the Laravel Eco-system

If you’ve been a user of Laravel, you must’ve surely heard about their latest offering. Nova is an administration panel for Laravel. This sleek and beautifully designed single-page application, built on the Vue.js platform and Tailwind, is highly customizable in a true Laravel fashion.

Nova is a composer package, which can be installed in an existing Laravel package. It does not interfere with an existing application in any way. In fact, you can install Nova in the existing Laravel applications which you have already built, without hampering the application, as well as removing the need of starting all over again, if you want to integrate resource management in your application. On the front-end, Nova is powered by Vue.js, Vue components and Tailwind.css. This makes for a powerful and flexible combination, especially with regards to customization – it is easier than ever to build custom cards, tools and fields.

With Nova, you can forget the clumsy, unmanageable administration panels. You can configure the whole dashboard with a simple PHP class. None of your configuration is stored in the database. It is a piece of cake to add an administration panel to the existing Laravel applications without interfering with the eloquent and potent models.

Before you begin, here is a list of requirements which you need to preload before installing Laravel Nova:

  1. Composer
  2. Laravel Framework 5.8+
  3. Laravel Mix
  4. Node.js and NPM

 Nova supports all the new versions of Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge web browsers.

Features of Nova Laravel:

The primary feature of Nova is to be able to create, read, update and delete resources from the database. The versatility of the app helps to create an easy to use and simplistic platform to get it done.

  • Resource Management

    Nova provides a full CRUD interface for your potent models. It has a wonderful support for all the various eloquent relationships.

  • Search Integration

    By default, Nova uses SQL queries to search your resources, but if your application leverages Laravel Scout, Nova seamlessly prefers using Scout searches, to give you a full power of a true search engine.

  • Filters

    These allow you to define PHP classes that scope your resource index queries. You can write custom filters for your resource indexes, to provide your users quick glances of different sections of your data.           

  • Lens

    Lens provide you with more customization features than a filter can provide to your resource list. They allow you to build an entirely different approach to viewing a given resource.

  • Actions

    Actions are simple PHP classes that perform a given task on a resource or batch of resources. Also, Nova’s built-in queueing service can queue actions, if they take a while to run.

  • Metrics

    Nova provides three types of out-of-the-box charts – value, trend and partition. With Nova, it becomes quick and painless to generate and display these metrics on your application. What previously would have an all-day job can be completed in seconds now.

  • Customization

    Almost all of Nova’s UI is built entirely on Vue, using single file Vue-components. Because of this, you have ultimate flexibility when writing your own custom tools, cards, and fields.

Nova is a great tool to support you in all you projects using Laravel. With STW, you can fully utilize and explore the features of Laravel Nova. Our strong team of developers is familiar with the Laravel ecosystem, as we have completed numerous projects using the same. To hire our expertise and to know more about how we can help you upgrade to the latest tools, you can connect with us at STW.

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