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STW provides the expertise to provide high-end, customized enterprise products for organizations. Understanding the requirement and, accordingly, developing and deploying the right solutions is crucial for the success of enterprises. Setting up cloud and providing data analytics tools are also an integral part of our offerings.

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This open-source platform is one of the most stable and reliable frameworks to build stunning websites and amazing web applications. Our expertise in helps you to create flexible, yet robust web based applications.

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Take control of your own website and handle it as you please, with the power of dynamic websites, created with DNN development. We configure dynamic websites as per your requirements, with options like form managements, file uploads, image and video gallery, etc.

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The Model-View-Controller architecture is used to create web-based applications which systematically control the flow of information and business logic. Based on a company’s requirement, we are able to suggest the best course of action for our customers, thanks to our years of experience and capability to grasp ideas.

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Microsoft sharepoint

Increase your enterprise capabilities multi-folds, with Microsoft SharePoint platform. The highly versatile data storage and document management system, which collaborates with Microsoft office, is an excellent choice for medium and big-sized companies, including MNCs.

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If you feel that your complex requirements of web application or websites cannot achieve stability on platform, we provide you with the advanced and a higher-performance modular framework, ASP.NET core for creating heavily functional websites and applications.

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Angular 8

The latest Angular platform remains at your disposal, with our expertise and execution making sure that your project achieves its best results. The better platform comes with a promise of better mobile and web applications.

Why Our Customers trust Us with their Microsoft Capability needs

We assist our clients in making the best possible use of the multiple Microsoft products, based on their need and expense.

Unmatched Experience

Over the past few years, we have created and deployed more than 1000 applications & solutions, and achieved tremendous results. Our domain knowledge expertise helps in guiding the projects in the right direction, as well as achieve things faster.

Support and Guide

We use our expertise to guide our customers towards achieving the best outcomes, every time. Not only are our suggestions based on the client capabilities, but they also encompass a little forecast of future trends as well.

Robust Structures

Using our expertise, as well as our disciplined approach in all projects, our offerings are highly stable and robust, to sustain even in a dynamic environment. This especially helps in case of big enterprises and MNCs.

Dedicated After-sales support

Our dedicated support team helps you throughout, not only with the installation and execution, but also to assist you in getting familiar with the projects and its implementation.

Seamless Implementation

Our development team helps you with a hassle-free implementation process, without disrupting your ongoing processes.

Safe and Secure

Through the entire process, your data remains safe and secure. Also, rigorous testing before handing over makes sure of reduced risks and errors.

Benefits of working with us

  • Best-quality work.
  • On-time delivery.
  • High level of data security.
  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Use of latest technology.

Our 4D Methodology

  • Discover

    Our highly -skilled and technically expert team examines the requisites to develop an in-depth master plan. During this phase we emphasize on the long -term scope and the activities such as design, development, cost-estimation, testing, delivery and deployment are planned.

  • Design

    A well- defined team is assigned for the development of architecture and providing design solutions. The creative team, with their futuristic vision, prepare an adept design document, determining the components needed for development phase.

  • Develop

    The development team meticulously examines the plans for stabilizing, migrating, OS and budget, based on the multiplicity of the project. Our master development plan incorporates the role of members, team features, guidelines for project completion, etc.

  • Deliver

    The testing team transfers the product or application on a test server and then, using state of art technology and tools, performs a thorough compatibility, functionality, performance and usability testing (both manually and automated) related to the scalability, security and performance on the product or application developed.

Our strong support team

STW is spread across the globe, including in countries like Europe, United States, United Kingdom, UAE, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and Canada. We have a highly trained support staff, available at your disposal, to handle any queries or problems.

"STW-Services has been for many years our digital partner and proved each time to be a strong technical & reliable partner."

Stanislas Hautekiet - owner Webstrike

"STW works with professionalism and work ethic. Team is available and works diligently to accommodate all coding / aesthetic requests."

Aaron Landreth - Managing Director,

"I have been using STW for several years across many web projects. They have provided great service on everything from .NET development, ecommerce on ASPDotnetstorefront and even consulting. I recommend their professional and detailed services."

John Hamlin - Green Benefits LLC


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