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Magento vs Woocommerce: Know the Best E-commerce Platform

Magento and Woocommerce are the top ranked platforms in the market today. One is a singular product provided by ebay while the other is a WordPress plugin. Each has attracted a community of supporters based on its strengths and weaknesses. Entry into the ecommerce business requires careful consideration of the options. Given the two platforms, which should be your best bet?

Platform against Plugin:- 
What makes magento benefits pronounced is that it is a complete platform as opposed to woocommerce which is a WordPress plugin. It means that Magento comes with an advanced structure and functionality that will enhance the performance of your website. You have to install the woocommerce plugin on to a content management system (CMS) to ease utilization. However, the features offered by each vary and therefore provides unique opportunities.

Professional Requirements:- 
A sound and professional requirement is required when launching your website using the Magento platform. These skills might not be available at all times and you might be required to pay huge amounts to use it. Amateurs can use woocommerce since it does not require any web development skills. With a single click, you can install it on your website. There are no professional fees required or advanced skills.

Setting Up and Customization:- 
You will require sufficient background and skills to setup a Magento platform. These skills and expertise is not available to everyone. This means that it will be a limitation to some people. This is a factor that limits magento benefits for potential users. Woocommerce on the other hand taps into the structure and functionality of WordPress. It comes with an intuitive and interactive panel for the admin to simplify your work.

Exclusive Shopping Platform:- 
To enjoy Magento benefits, you must be visiting a shopping website. It is designed exclusively ecommerce purposes. This means that you will enjoy a range of features that are designed to improve your experience. Woocommerce on the other hand is a plugin and therefore not created exclusively for ecommerce websites. It means that the features available will limit the enjoyment of your shopping experience. The fact that it is exclusively designed for WordPress limits its capability on other platforms.

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