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How to install Magento 2 – beginner’s guide (Windows)

Before continuing, make sure you have all the prerequisites, required for running Magento 2, below are system requirements

System requirements:
1. Apache Version: 2.2 or 2.4
2. PHP version: 5.5.x, where x is 22 or greater
3. MySQL Version : 5.6.x and upper

1. First and easiest way is to download the Magento installation package from official Magento site (Install from archive file – In this installation Magento core code is stored under /vendor directory and updating is possible through Magento admin.)

See below screenshot

2. Create one folder and Unzip in and put it under C:\xampp\htdocs\FOLDER_NAME
3. Create a MySQL Database for Magento2 form phpmyadmin.
4. Go through the Magento installation process, below is the first screen

Click on button Agree and Setup Magento

Click to start Readiness Check button to move forword

If all the requirements are ok then it’ll show tick mark for that, click on Next button

Here add all the fields properly as mentioned, host, Database Username and password, database name, Table prefix, etc

and continue with the next button.

In this step it’ll ask for your store’s admin url.

5. After successful installation you will get this page
6. Your frontend will look like this

7. Your backend will look like this

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