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Optimize your operating processes and make the most of your customer relations with the support of Microsoft Dynamic CRM. Dynamic CRM solutions will increase your profitability by pipelining the administrative processes of various departments of your organization and will enable you to focus more on the customer relations that matter. It is an ideal place for your organization to store all the important data regarding developing, improving and retaining customer relations.

Know How We Help You Make The Best Use Of MS Dynamics CRM

More productive staff

With MS dynamic CRM, the marketing and sales staff can precisely access the information with ease, thus increasing their overall productivity.

One stop for all your data

Access all the relevant data in one place and avoid data-mishaps. MS Dynamic CRM will enable everyone to access all the information, thereby increasing their efficiency. It also lets you streamline your administrative process, thus boosting your business’ management skills.

Improved communication

Store all the previous customer interactions in one place to analyze, plan and improve customer relationships and understand your customers better, to provide a more personalized service.

Analytics and reports

The tool provides you with self-generated reports and analysis for better decision-making and forecasting. Keep a track of your performance and take well-informed decisions for better outputs.

Better customer service

Build long-lasting relationships with your customers as our CRM enables your staff to deal with queries more quickly and effectively. Handle customer problems and internal functions with better ease and clarity.

Salesforce automation

Implementing MS Dynamic CRM will enable your salesforce to understand and fulfil your customer’s requirements faster, thus resulting in faster lead conversion. The marketing team can also benefit at large by automating various marketing campaigns.

Benefits of working with us

  • Best-quality work.
  • On-time delivery.
  • High level of data security.
  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Use of latest technology.

Our 4D Methodology

  • Discover

    Our highly -skilled and technically expert team examines the requisites to develop an in-depth master plan. During this phase we emphasize on the long -term scope and the activities such as design, development, cost-estimation, testing, delivery and deployment are planned.

  • Design

    A well- defined team is assigned for the development of architecture and providing design solutions. The creative team, with their futuristic vision, prepare an adept design document, determining the components needed for development phase.

  • Develop

    The development team meticulously examines the plans for stabilizing, migrating, OS and budget, based on the multiplicity of the project. Our master development plan incorporates the role of members, team features, guidelines for project completion, etc.

  • Deliver

    The testing team transfers the product or application on a test server and then, using state of art technology and tools, performs a thorough compatibility, functionality, performance and usability testing (both manually and automated) related to the scalability, security and performance on the product or application developed.

Our strong support team

STW is spread across the globe, including in countries like Europe, United States, United Kingdom, UAE, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and Canada. We have a highly trained support staff, available at your disposal, to handle any queries or problems.

"STW-Services has been for many years our digital partner and proved each time to be a strong technical & reliable partner."

Stanislas Hautekiet - owner Webstrike

"STW works with professionalism and work ethic. Team is available and works diligently to accommodate all coding / aesthetic requests."

Aaron Landreth - Managing Director, GetLocalSearchMarketing.com

"I have been using STW for several years across many web projects. They have provided great service on everything from .NET development, ecommerce on ASPDotnetstorefront and even Salesforce.com consulting. I recommend their professional and detailed services."

John Hamlin - Green Benefits LLC


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